We are one of the premier suppliers of plastic & e-waste in Delhi.


Recycler Pvt. Ltd. is an innovative organisation which is working towards an agenda of providing a sustainable tomorrow & creation of green jobs.

We are registered as a Private Limited in India and own a number of brands. We are GST registered. 


RecyclerAPP is a brand of Recycler Private Limited which collects recyclable waste from homes & other commercial places & sends the material to respective recyclers.

Recycler App was launched because we saw the need for a convenient method to support home based recycling in India.


We will reward the individuals for making the effort in becoming a force for good.


We started operating in March 2019 from Gurgaon.  By working with rag pickers, we’ve already inspired our members to choose the right kind of waste disposable methods.


Community members can use our platform to schedule their recyclable waste pick-up service and also buy & sell recycled items. They can know learn about the recyclable materials which they are sending to landfill through municipal solid waste e.g. PET bottles.

To find out more about us contact us on thereycler.app@gmail.com

Business Opportunities with us:

  • Buy Plastic and E-Waste

  • Sell your Plastic and E-Waste 

  • Invest 

  • Advertise 


Business & institutions, big or small, play a key role in the health & well being of any community they operate in.


We recognise this fact and endeavours to partner with them to help manage waste disposal, recycle responsibly & educate on practices and processes, all with the goal of making their communities, and ultimately the world, a better place. 

We are pleased to have Blackberry's menswear on our corporate clients roster, and will be adding many more in the near future.



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